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Strategic Organizational Systems

Strategic Plan Component Priorities:

  • Values Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Annual Goals
  • Organizational Systems
Strategic Partnerships with Todd R. Christensen Consulting

Goals are not unimportant. They can provide directions, motivation and hope. They identify the level of achievement against which you measure your own success.

Similar statements can be made about 3- to 5-year vision statements and organizational mission statements. They are aspirational by nature. Even organizational values statements are descriptive and, when written properly, can be instructive.

There are many organizations that have done wonderful things for their clients and communities without such statements and goals in place or written in any formal plan. On the other hand, many executives and board members credit the clarity of such strategic statements in their own organization with the motivation and drive to endure difficulties in order to succeed.

Long-term, repetitive success, however, requires more than aspirational and descriptive strategic statements. Such enduring success requires strategic systems that all but automate the employee actions, departmental processes, and executive decisions needed in order to achieve continuing gains and wins.

Strategic Systems by Todd R Christensen Consulting

Strategic Organizational Systems

If you put the following strategic systems in place within your organization, you have success-generating processes that repeat themselves month after month, year after year. Organizational systems simplify leadership decision-making, management plan implementation, and staff accountability.

These systems can include:

  • Strategy implementation and leadership dashboard (aka scorecards)
  • Measurement and improvement
  • Employee development
  • Resource alignment
  • Financial management
  • Information management
  • Customer management
  • Product/Service development
  • Marketing and customer development
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