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Getting Strategic Planning Help

Below you will find the four steps for getting help with your strategic planning process. We take your nonprofit through a straightforward process that empowers you and your stakeholders to make extraordinary changes for good.

Strategic Planning Process in 4 Steps
Our 4-step Strategic Planning Process, from 1st contact to final report

The Process

  1. Initial Conversations (30 minutes to 2 weeks)
  2. Preparations (2 weeks to 4 months)
  3. The Session (1 hour to 3 days)
  4. Debriefing and Follow up Support (Ongoing)

And just what can you expect from a strategic planning session with Todd R. Christensen Consulting? There are tangible, practical tools that you will take with you, as well as the intangible resources that are no less critical.

Intangible Results

  1. Renewed dedication to purpose
  2. Leadership accountability
  3. Focus and clarity
  4. Hope and Peace of Mind
  5. Confidence

Tangible & Practical Tools (New, Updated or Clarified)

  1. Organizational Values Statement
  2. Organizational Mission Statement
  3. Organizational 5-year Vision Statement
  4. Strategic Objectives of Vision Statement
  5. Strategic Goals to Achieving Objectives
  6. Tactics to Achieving Goals
  7. Tactical Organizational Alignment and Assignments
  8. Plan Evaluation Timelines and Checklists

Our belief is not that we have all (or sometimes even any) of the answers your organization is seeking or needs to grow. We believe that most of the answers are already in your leadership and in your employees and in your clients and in your funders and in your other stakeholders. Our role is to help you uncover these answers and bring them to light.

If you are worried about the high cost of facilitation, don’t. We provide a range of facilitation services that can start as low as $600 for a four-hour session. For the ultimate in strategic planning, we also offer premium destination retreats. See our fee schedule for more information.

Call us today at (208) 649-4788 or email us at to learn whether our Pole Star System™ is right fit for you. Or submit your information below:

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