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Strategic Planning Meeting Facilitation & Consulting

Our packages include one to 16 hours of strategic planning meeting facilitation, usually in one to two sessions, and include pre-session surveys, industry and/or organizational analyses, and post-session reporting. Packages also typically include reviews of past strategic planning events and materials (previous plans, successes and challenges). We happily customize our services to meet your organization’s needs.  

Continuous Employee Development System

If your organization feels stuck in the ancient land of performance reviews and annual employee evaluations, it is time to move into the 21st century. A Continuous Employee Development System (CEDS) is not just a new version of periodic assessments. A CEDS changes the approach to employee performance from “weeding out” sub-par employees to “developing and molding” personnel to match (and exceed) the strategic requirements of their position. A CEDS might involve:
  • Goal setting based upon the position-related tactics
  • Automatic quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily reports and updates of progress toward strategic objectives
  • Continuous feedback from coworkers, leadership, customers, and others
  • Clear accountability on assigned tasks for achieving strategic goals
If you would like to learn how our Continuous Employee Development System services can help your organization accelerate its progress toward strategic objectives, contact us at (208) 649-4788.  

Meeting Facilitation

Professional meeting facilitation services include consulting work during the planning and preparation process, expertly direction discussions and managing personalities during the meeting, and providing practical and insightful reporting and follow up checklists after the meeting. Brainstorming-TRC from Pixabay

Planning Activities to Bring Our the Best in Your Team

Some planning sessions get bogged down in wordsmithing or end without establishing any actionable items. Not at Todd R Christensen Consulting. All participants feel included and valued through our unique, productive and fun activities.

Fun and Practical Activities

Based upon more than a decade of facilitating nearly 2,000 workshops and seminars around the country, we have developed activities that are both fun and practical. No one else is using these approaches because we pioneered them. We’ll play a modified version of the classic card game, War, to identify your organization’s core values. We’ll play an accelerated version of checkers to identify your organization’s challenges, opportunities for growth, and strengths. The team will play table tennis to develop and refine your organization’s most important and relevant goals and objectives. Participants not only enjoy their time because of these games, they are able to more freely and openly participate because playing helps to lower internal and external barriers. Game Pieces-Pixabay

Next Steps…

You are considering a facilitator for an upcoming, important meeting or you would not be on this website. You may even be deciding when to schedule a strategic planning session, a board meeting, retreat or other group meeting. Please call us today or submit your request for a quote. Click here or on the button to the side. Contact Us TODAY
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