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About Us


Our Organization

We provide meeting facilitation to nonprofits, government agencies, businesses and other organizations. We specialize in ensuring that your next strategic planning session is a success. We also provide strategic planning and change management consulting services.

Our Approach

When we launched our meeting facilitation and strategic planning firm to help nonprofit agencies to achieve better, more practical, and more effective results from their planning and board meetings, we figured we had better put our own guiding principles after some serious critical thinking practice.

Values Statement

Consequently, everything we do as an organization, every decision we make and every goal we strive for should relate to our core values, or what we refer to as our Pole Star Values. At Todd R. Christensen Consulting, we strive to…

  • Do Right
  • Be Helpful
  • Have Fun
  • Show Respect

Pole Star Values need to be in place before any other strategic planning statement, document or activity happens. Organizations that have not established their own values statement should make add them to the top of their next planning meeting agenda. These values should be the filter through which all organizational efforts and goals need to pass. Any program we pursue, any contract we prepare to sign, and any project we work on had better satisfy, in some way, our Pole Star Values of doing right, being helpful, having fun, and showing respect. The same would go for any work done by an employee, assignment for board members or activities of volunteers. Otherwise, our organization is likely to end up drifting aimlessly along.

It is the same with our services to you. Bring us in to facilitate your strategic planning session, board meeting, or employee focus group, and you can expect that we will be helpful, have fun, and show respect for your current, past, and potential work. We strive to do right in all we do.

Mission Statement

Because collaboration increases nonprofits’ potential for social good, we facilitate more effective and enjoyable retreats, board meetings, planning sessions and focus groups.

Our Bullet Story

  • Senior nonprofit leadership experience since 2004
  • Executive and board experience with multiple associations and coalitions
  • Committee work with numerous nonprofits
  • Thousands of workshops facilitated to groups of various sizes
  • Steering committee leadership experience with various start up events and programs
  • Education include a Master’s in International Management with specialization in Strategic Planning and Change Management
  • A decade of experience working with leaders to determine the value of their organization and transition through major leadership changes
  • Director-level experience leading the Canadian division of US-based business
  • Between us, we have thirty-six months of full-time volunteer experience in the US and Mexico

Meet the Team

Todd and Wendy Christensen are based in the Intermountain Pacific Northwest but are available to help nonprofits from the Pacific Coast, over the majestic Rockies, across the plains and over the Appalachian mountains and up and down the East Coast.

Todd and Wendy both find life’s greatest satisfaction – as most do – in faith and family, meaning that we keep in mind critical life-balance for our clients when they are seeking or undergoing major changes in their own business lives.

Todd Christensen - Founder and Chief Consultant

Todd R. Christensen

Founder & Chief Strategic Planner

After more than decade of facilitating well over 100 workshops and seminars annually, Todd knows how to work with audiences and teams of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

Todd holds two Masters degrees (Brigham Young University, 1997 and Colorado State University – Global, 2017), the first in French Studies and the more recent in International Management.

Out of college, he set up a call center and brought new product to the Canadian market for a US-based personal care products company.

EMEP CoverIn 2013, Todd authored a book, Everyday Money for Everyday People, based upon the nearly 1,000 personal finance workshops he had facilitated by then for his nonprofit employer.

Todd has worked as a senior manager in the nonprofit sector since 2004 and has a decade of experience providing healthcare practices with valuation and transition management services.

Todd’s volunteer experience includes working in various leadership positions with the Boy Scouts of America, serving as president and on the board of directors for several nonprofit associations and coalitions, and as a two-year full-time representative in Mexico for his church.

Wendy Christensen - Director of Marketing

Wendy R. Christensen

Director of Marketing

Wendy has attended two universities where she studied accounting. She worked for years as a food broker and then in the auditing department for a major grocery store chain. More recently, she has taught in local schools while also building consumer finance skills that Todd has incorporated into his personal finance workshops.

Wendy also served for eighteen months as a full-time volunteer in several positions, including tour guide, trainer, and the organization’s outreach representative.

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