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3 Reasons Why Games Make for Better Strategic Planning Meetings

Over my lifetime, I have sat in my fair share of meetings. Although I am of the opinion that my attitude going into the meeting determines to a large extent what I take away from the meeting, too many workshop leaders, presenters and facilitators have tested my resolve overt the years. For this purpose, I have decided to turn the strategic planning meetings I facilitate into opportunities to not only achieve takes but to do so with fun and enthusiasm.

Adapting well known card games and parlor games and, sometimes, even board games to my purposes, I have found that participants not only have fun, but discussion and contributions increase in volume and quality.

Here are just a few of the benefits of incorporating games and play into strategic planning meetings:

  1. Lowers barriers: Participants who otherwise worry about how any of their ideas might be received by colleagues feel much more comfortable sharing insight and ideas through games and activities than through the ancient method of asking for people to raise their hands and share.
  2. Increases engagement: Even assigning participants to share ideas will not lead to other participants interacting with them. Games and activities open and expend voluntary interaction between all participants, not just those assigned.
  3. Strategic Planning Meetings and GamesBoosts creativity: Asking the question and expecting an answer was the norm for most of us as we went through high school and college. Unfortunately, many of us are also conditioned to not raise our hands because we either think, “everyone already knows this,” or “that idea is probably not new or applicable.” Playing games minimizes up our inhibitions and allows us to focus on the ideas rather than on how others will react to them.

Whenever you consider holding a meeting or a strategic planning session, the agenda may not have to list one game after another, but make sure that you include an activity or two the helps the participants to unfocus from the environment and open up their minds to the creative tasks at hand.

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