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3 Quick Steps to a more Visually Appealing Concept of Diversity in Corporate Culture

This is corporate cultural in a mono – cultural organization.

This is the corporate culture in a truly diverse organization:

Which organization do you think will come up with more creative and sustainable solutions to the firm’s challenges and opportunities?

What does your corporate culture look like? And why should you care?

Too many reasons to list here, so let’s just address this one: if everyone in your nearby vicinity looks like you, talks like you, thinks like you, and believes like you, what good are they in increasing your insights and skills? Diversity drives flexibility, and your organization will need all the flexibility it can handle when facing an ever-changing global marketplace.

Here are some baby steps to get you moving in the direction of diversity:

  1. Define Your View of Diversity
    Which communities are included in your definition of diversity? Is it stuck in the 20th century definition that only considers race and gender? There are many major communities of diversity to consider. For example, the aging Baby Boomer generation, with its history of consumption and general lack of preparation for retirement, will have much to contribute to our firms if those in charge of hiring can get over their fear of hiring someone in the 60s. So they may only stay for 5 years.  That’s probably a year or two longer than a Millennial will want to stay. And think of the experience you get?
  2. Create Your Vision of Diversity
    With your definition of diversity in hand, create a vision of what you want diversity in your organization to look and be like.
  3. Be intentional in your candidate outreach.
    Match it to your vision. Make sure your hiring process does not inherently discriminate against diversity (asking irrelevant, hold-over questions that diminish diversity of background among candidates.

Contact Todd Christensen to discuss practical steps for identifying and building diversity in your organization.

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