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15 Rules of Meeting Facilitation

15 Meeting Facilitation Rules of Todd R. Christensen Consulting

Each and every time you choose to contract Todd R. Christensen Consulting for a meeting facilitation service package to help your organization prepare for, hold and maximize results from an important meeting (whether strategic planning leadership retreat, board meeting or other), you can expect the following as minimal starting points.

Before the Meeting

  1. Support organizational leadership to establish meeting purpose and goals
  2. Partner with organizational leadership to choose the right venue, time and type of meeting for established purpose
  3. Consult with leadership to choose the right stakeholders to invite
  4. Recommend topics for consideration to include on the agenda in order to maximize the flow of subject matter
  5. Serve as resource to determine approach to meeting’s goals, encourage thought-provoking input and customize creativity-enhancing activities for each agenda item

During the Meeting

  1. Ensure participants have the agenda and understand the flow of the agenda items
  2. Facilitate the readiness of the participants to contribute openly and freely
  3. Establish meeting environment to prevent interpersonal conflict while managing positive conflicting opinions
  4. Encourage participants to break through groupthink to get at new and undeveloped opinions and insight
  5. Track discussion patterns and draw from participants rational conclusions from initial ideas
  6. Document the progression of thought to help participants with flow of reasoning

After the Meeting

  1. Assemble key discussion points to include with decisions in well-organized report
  2. Provide insight from meeting along with group’s nuanced discussion points
  3. Provide feedback on meeting’s formal and informal conversations
  4. Persistently follow up with leadership to maximize probability of follow through and continuity of action till meeting conclusions and decisions become part of the organizational culture
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