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Our consulting and independent facilitation services are as varied in format and approach as are your meetings in purpose. Here are just a few of the more common ways we can help you make a success:

Strategic Planning and Retreat Facilitation

The value of having an independent, third-party professional facilitate your strategic planning session cannot be overstated. Staff, board, and other stakeholders need to participate and plan, not facilitate the session.

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Consulting and Organizational Analysis

When you need fresh, external perspective and practical insight, meet with Todd R. Christensen Consulting to identify and develop organizational systems to match your values, mission and vision.

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Brainstorming and Creative Jam Sessions

Few experiences rival the excitement of a well-run brainstorming sessions. Conversely, few frustrations are as gnawing as a brainstorming session gone bad.

Let us keep your team on track and on task to maximize your collective creativity and to steer away from the dark side of free flowing consciousness.

Dreams or Reality

Employee or Client Focus Groups

Why do CEOs, presidents, board chairs, and executive directors kid themselves into thinking that their employees would go straight to them if there were any problems. Rare is the organization whose base-level employees speak openly and candidly to leadership.

Focus groups provide you the power of information freed through anonymity. Whether you need a one-time session or regular groups, we can prepare agendas and discussion-generating activities that get you the information you need to know.

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In spite of our profession, we do not love meetings for meetings’ sake. We believe your time is best spent enjoying what your find most gratifying in life, whether that is home and family, work and creativity, faith and friends, or rest and relaxation. So when it comes to facilitating your meetings, we take your trust seriously. Our meetings do not go beyond the agenda. They do not go down rabbit holes. And we do not do boring.


The importance of matching purpose to participants

Location Location Location

We work with you to choose the ideal location, venue and atmosphere to match the demands of your meetings

Themes and Stories

As human beings, we are hardwired to respond better to stories than to lectures or agendas. That is why we often recommend creating themed meetings around your objectives. Whether it be sports or history, mystery or theater, celebrity or survival, your gatherings become more than mere meetings. They become epic quests.

Games and Activities

Few people wake up in the more and say to themselves, “I hope someone asks me to make a list of 10 things wrong in our company.” Using our innovative and unique games and activities, we are able to draw all participants into the activities with full attention and purpose.


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